About the Plaintiffs

The Harvard Climate Justice Coalition is a group of Harvard students concerned about the impending climate catastrophe and its disproportionate impact on the world’s most vulnerable populations.


Alice Cherry is a law student from Illinois. She plans to become an environmental lawyer.
“Future generations will wonder why we didn’t do more to stop climate change. We have an obligation to do everything we can, and this lawsuit is about living up to that obligation.”


Benjamin Franta is a graduate student from Iowa. He studies applied physics and plans to become a renewable energy scientist.
“Climate change is now causing harm through mortality, economic damage, and political instability. The Harvard Corporation has a moral and legal duty to avoid investing in activities that cause such grave harms to its students and the public. Students will not tolerate the Harvard Corporation’s continued refusal to honor that duty.”


Sidni Frederick is an undergraduate from Massachusetts. She studies history and literature and plans to work in the renewable energy field.
“Harvard University has chosen to act in every area except on the political side of the issue, which is ultimately the most important one when it comes to taking action on climate change. Harvard is supporting an industry that works against real solutions to climate change at the political level through its investments, and this dangerous investment constitutes a violation of its legal responsibilities as a public charity.”


Joseph Hamilton is a law student from Massachusetts. He plans to become a defense attorney for environmental activists.
“The Harvard Corporation is directly funding one of the most serious threats humanity has ever faced. In doing so, it’s violating the law and its ethical duties as the leader of the Harvard community. This lawsuit is about making sure that the Corporation serves people instead of profit.”


Olivia Kivel is an undergraduate from Massachusetts. She studies organismic and evolutionary biology and is interested in sustainable farming.
“The Corporation is choosing to ignore the effects that its actions have on the environment and individuals. Through the lawsuit, we will highlight this behavior in the hope that Harvard can transition away from its role as a fossil fuel supporter.”


Talia Rothstein is an undergraduate from Massachusetts. She studies history and literature and plans to become an advocate for climate justice.
“As a Harvard student, I can only ask my university to do the most that it possibly can when faced with the urgent threat of climate change. Institutions with the level of intellectual and moral authority of Harvard have an obligation to tackle the problem from every angle, and divestment is a tactic that will galvanize political action to address climate change. This lawsuit is about exactly that: bringing Harvard’s investments in line with its intellectual task and moral weight.”


Kelsey Skaggs is a law student from Alaska. She plans to use her law degree to promote climate justice.
“The Harvard Corporation refuses to acknowledge the moral implications of its investments. Instead, we hope to make it face its legal obligation to stop causing harm by supporting climate change and the fossil fuel companies that are working against solutions.”