About the Lawsuit

Our suit alleged that the Harvard Corporation has a legal duty to refrain from financial support of the oil, gas, and coal industries. On October 6, 2016, the Massachusetts Appeals Court upheld the Superior Court’s decision to dismiss the suit (read the decision here). The Court’s opinion is a disappointing failure to engage with the urgent problems of climate change and climate justice.

We brought the suit ourselves, without lawyers, because universities should be accountable to their students. We also believed–and still believe–that we have a responsibility to act. Unless and until institutions like Harvard cut ties with the fossil fuel industry, our leaders will remain committed to a system of energy production that guarantees economic injustice and climate catastrophe. Our lawsuit asked Harvard to live up to its centuries-old promise to promote “the advancement of youth.”

Please feel free to consult the resources we’ve compiled explaining the case for university divestment, the science of climate change, and some frequently-asked questions. Please also feel free to contact us at harvardclimatejustice at gmail.com.